A classic revival of waves, glisten with ‘Hollywood Fool’.Cry Red’s versatile and harmonically beautiful indie-pop fair, ‘Hollywood Fool’ takes you aback. With an oriented build and gorgeous chorus, your heart’s pulled into realm of a past, in a future.The single, as the band put it: “..challenges the pressure of glamour and celebrity versus being you, being the best you can be, and making your own difference in the world.”The ballad is an amalgam of what it feels like when you cry out into the forest, naked in abilities, set on ambitions. A reclamation for the inner being, from the outset of external degradations, bursts into a radiant exploration in sights and sounds.A classic revival of waves, glisten with ‘Hollywood Fool’.”

comeherefloyd, USA

Theatrical voicings and movements. Catchy melodic phrasing and anthemic hooks. Twinkling guitars embellish huge pads that absorb the mix while a determined acoustic guitar strums through it all. "Vertigo" is an emotionally charged pop ballad that undoubtedly stands up with the quality of its peers. Fitting in perfectly amongst high-hitting examples of the sound, the track holds its own against a wave of similar outputs.”

Music Gateway, UK

There’s something about this band that keeps me pumped to dig deeper into their debut album. Maybe it’s because of the clever arrangements, subtle melodies, delicate notes, or song structures. Who knows, but one thing is for sure, their music deserves your uttermost attention”

— ThoughtsWordsAction, Serbia

London, UK

Anthony - Guitars & Keys

Bruno - Guitars

Dom - Bass Guitar

Ed - Drums

Jay - Vocals

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