Album review by Russia's "PlaySpotify"

A BIG Thank You to Russia's PlaySpotify for their kind review of our album "Everything and the Space in Between". Read the full article Here. A full English translation as follows; 

Cry Red is a band from London, UK. Calibrated and high-quality sound of alternative rock like Muse and Coldplay but with its own signature style. Beautiful vocals, catchy melodies and clear guitars, all this will undoubtedly delight 
Last year, the musicians released their first album Everything and the Space in Between, the disc is completely conceptual, all the tracks are in their place and connected with each other, a great work, we definitely recommend listening to it. From ourselves, we would like to single out two Hollywood Full tracks with an amazing guitar melody and a measured History track with a kind of old-school sound, they are honorably sent to our Cafe Alternative playlist. We are looking forward to the future releases of the musicians, if they continue to produce music of this level, then they will definitely be a great success.

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